Small Commercial Energy Audits

energychart7Through strategic partnerships, Pohaku Consulting is able to offer complete energy auditing services for small commercial customers for spaces up to 50,000 square feet. Through an open book process, we offer a comprehensive energy audit of your building or buildings. While the typical energy services company may offer to complete an audit for little or no cost, they usually have a single product or line of products they are trying to ‘force fit’ into the project.

Our approach is more neutral. We charge a fair price for an audit that will produce a financial summary the client could take to any funding source or CFO that shows paybacks, rates of return and all the typical financial metrics that a bank or CFO needs to see. In addition, while we do work with a variety of suppliers for lighting, AC equipment, water fixtures, etc, we are not a sole source representative of any product line. Furthermore, because the client has paid for the audit, all the data gathered on existing equipment and suggested Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are owned by the client. They are free to take the reports we produce and look elsewhere to fund the project and find products or equipment that will meet their needs. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive, energy and water audit;
  • Project Funding through major banks if desired;
  • Open book procurement process for recommended product upgrades;
  • Project management during implementation;
  • Follow up measurement and verification often required by funding sources

Contact Peter at 808-220-5818 for more information and to set up a free consultation.